意大利心理学家F. Morelli对疫情的反思


I believe that the cosmos has its own way of balancing things and their laws, when they are disturbed.我相信世道在被颠乱之际自有其力使之重回正轨




正好今日收到另外一个国家的朋友发来的邮件,推荐我看一下意大利心理学家F. Morelli所写的一篇文章,随手翻译并记录如下:


I believe that the cosmos has its own way of balancing things and their laws, when they are disturbed.


The moment we are living in, full of anomalies and paradoxes, makes us think ...


At a time when climate change caused by environmental disasters has reached worrying levels, China in the first place, and many countries later, are forced to freeze; the economy collapses, but pollution decreases considerably. The air improves; you wear a mask, but you can breathe ...


In a historic moment when certain discriminatory ideologies and policies, with strong references to a petty past, are being reactivated all over the world, a virus arrives and makes us experience that, in an instant, we can become the discriminated, the segregated, the stuck at the border, people with diseases. Even if it's not our fault. Even if we are white, western and traveling in business class.


In a society based on productivity and consumption, in which we all run 14 hours a day after the unknown, without Saturdays or Sundays, without more reds on the calendar, from one moment to the next, comes the stop. Standing at home, days and days. To count on a time whose value we lose, if not measurable in compensation, in cash. Do we still know what to do with it?


At a time when the growth of children is, by necessity, often delegated to other figures and institutions, the virus closes schools and forces us to find alternative solutions, to return mothers and fathers to their children. It forces us to start a new family.


In a dimension where relationships, communication, sociability are played mainly in the "non-space" of the virtual social network, giving us the illusion of proximity, the virus takes us from real closeness, real closeness: without touching, without kiss, without hugging, at a distance, in the cold of non-contact. How much did we take these gestures and their meaning for granted?


In a social phase in which thinking about our own garden has become the rule, the virus sends us a clear message: the only way out is reciprocity, the sense of belonging, the community, the feeling of being part of something bigger to take care of and that can take care of us. The shared responsibility, the feeling that the destiny, not only ours, but of everyone around you depends on your actions. And, that you depend on them.


So, if we stop hunting witches, thinking who to blame or why all this happened, but thinking about what we can learn from it, I think we all have a lot to think about and commit to.


Because with the cosmos and its laws, we obviously owe a debt of gratitude.


The virus is explaining it to us, at a great cost "



原作者:意大利心理学家  F. Morelli     翻译:申宜禾律所  Alex